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Rp 56.271.600

Battery Backup Time :
6 Minutes Full Load

Harga sudah termasuk PPN 10%.

RIELLO UPS (Uninterrutible Power Supply),
Capacity 10.000 VA (10 KVA)
Output : 400V (3 Phasa).
Import : made in Italy.

Applications :
Blade Servers, Business Servers, Data Centers, Industrial PLC, Cash Registers, Electromedical Devices, Emergency Services, PABX.

• Low Power Consumption
• Simple To Install
• Maximum Reliability And Availability
• High Level Battery Reliability
• Maintenance Semplicity = Low Mttr
• Sensitive Supply Compatible

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Product Description

MULTI DIALOG provides maximum protection for critical data processing networks and security applications, thanks to its advanced design, selectable operating modes and communications capabilities. Operating modes include: On-line, economy, Smart-Active, Standby/Off and voltage Stabilisation. Standard communications features include a front panel  LCD with 128 potential messages, rS232 interfaces, ePO input,  communications interface slot and PowerShield management software.

• Suitable for powering capacitive loads such as blade servers, without any reduction of the active power, from 0.8 leading to 0.8 lagging.
• High level diagnostics: event log with 128 messages, states, measurements and alarms – available from the built-in LCD in several  languages.
• reduced noise levels: high frequency inverter bridge
• Back feed protection standard: to avoid energy feeding back into the mains supply (in compliance with CeI 11-20; Dk5600)
• Power factor correction (input power factor, close to 1)
• By pass may be deactivated to allow operation as a frequency converter (at 50 or 60 Hz)
• Emergency operation: the UPS can be set to operate only when the mains fails (for emergency lighting)

Additional Information

Weight 258 kg
Dimensions 45 x 75 x 120 cm

10 KVA


400 Volt


400 Volt


3 Phasa




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